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2020 Revivals - Night #6 - Bleating Sheep and Lowing Oxen

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2020 Revivals - Night #6 - Bleating Sheep and Lowing Oxen Weaver, Darvin 12/05/2020
2020 Revivals - Night #5 - Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation Weaver, Darvin 12/04/2020
2020 Revivals - Night #4 - Sinning against the great light Weaver, Darvin 12/03/2020
2020 Revivals - Night #3 - Have you tasted Weaver, Darvin 12/02/2020
2020 Revivals - Night #2 -The Dash Weaver, Darvin 12/01/2020
2020 Revivals - Night #1 - Who is able to stand before the Lord, this holy God? Weaver, Darvin 11/30/2020
Why revival Martin, Tim 11/29/2020
Pioneers of the Gospel Ebersole, Ernest 11/15/2020
Blessed Be God Eby, Keith 11/08/2020
Seasons Of Life Kurts, Luke 11/01/2020
The Light of the World Bear, Sonny 11/01/2020
Walk Humbly Martin, Tim 10/25/2020
Thoughts - Choices - Actions Bear, Sonny 10/18/2020
Why We Will Not Vote Martin, Tim 10/11/2020
A Fruitful Branch Bear, Sonny 10/04/2020
The Careful Farmer Ebersole, Ernest 09/27/2020
Professing Christian or follower of Christ Bear, Sonny 09/20/2020
Technology, Church or personal responsibility Martin, Tim 09/13/2020
Council meeting Fall 2020 Martin, Tim 09/09/2020
The broken but unbroken will of Christ Witmer, Duane 09/06/2020
Establishing A Foundation In Courtship Ebersole, Ernest 08/30/2020
There is Hope Eby, Edwin 08/23/2020
Baptismal Service of Four Young Souls Duane W, Tim M, Sonny B 08/23/2020
2020 Appalachia District Mtgs-Morality In Music Martin, Brendon 08/16/2020
2020 Appalachia District Mtgs- Music In Creation Ebersole, Loyal 08/16/2020