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We provide these Christian study booklets for download free of charge for your spiritual enrichment. These booklets are not copyrighted and may be shared with others. It is not permitted to download and produce for resale. If you are looking for a specific topic or study, we invite you to contact us. If you would like a physical printed booklet please contact us.

Good people cover image

Good People Who Went Wrong

Is it possible to begin the Christian life then go wrong?

Here are ten lessons that identify good people of the Bible and where they went wrong.

We can profit from this study and avoid the same pitfalls of backsliding, worldliness, careless choices, loving money, unbelief, rebellion, anger, envy, pride, adultery, contention, moral failures and personal impurity.

Each lesson includes a lesson scope, lesson aim, memory verse and study questions. These lessons are designed for youth and adults.

modern religious voices cover image

Modern Religious Voices

With all the religious voices of our day, who is right?

These ten lessons analyze many of the doctrinal errors taught across the world. Issues such as the Third Covenant, Jesus Only , Infant baptism, Baptismal regeneration, speaking in tongues, once saved always saved, and the second work of grace are discussed in this study.

Knowing the Truth is our only hope of being free from the deceptive voices of these end times.

Heroes of Faith booklet cover image

Heroes of Faith

These ten lessons of character study identify a particular trait with each character(s) in focus.

This interesting study includes heroes and faith defined; heroes of worship - Abel & Enoch; heroes of obedience - Noah & Abraham; heroes of trust - Sarah & Rahab; a hero of submission - Isaac; a hero of purity - Joseph; a hero of eternal vision - Moses; heroes of courage - Barak & Gideon; heroes of service and sacrifice - Samuel & David; and heroes of affliction and martyrdom.

Each lesson includes a lesson aim, a lesson text and Bible study questions with questions for thought and discussion.

thessalonian booklet cover image

Thessalonian Themes

This study of the two letters to this early church focuses on numerous concepts woven throughout the books.

From the beginning of its church life, through the blessings of sound church fellowship to the rapture of the church, these truths are practical for the church of the latter days.

This study will enrich our appreciation for sound church life.