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God the Foundation, Our Responsibility

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God the Foundation, Our Responsibility Bear, Sonny 11/05/2017
Family life and the great commission Eby, Donald 11/05/2017
Willingness Ebersole,Ernest 10/29/2017
Who God is Martin, Tim 10/22/2017
The Children of Israel had light in their homes Martin, Tim 10/15/2017
Sonny Bear Ordination - Devotional Meditation Burkholder, Lyndon 10/13/2017
Sonny Bear Ordination - A Good Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Peachy, David 10/13/2017
Sonny Bear Ordination - Casting of the Lot Scripture Yoder, Sim 10/13/2017
The Race That Is Set. Witmer,Duane 10/09/2017
Peace Ebersole,Ernest 10/08/2017
Concluding message on Theme of More than Conquerors Bechtel, Nolan 10/01/2017
More Actions of Faith Bechtel, Nolan 10/01/2017
Actions of Faith Bechtel, Nolan 09/30/2017
Faith Bechtel, Nolan 09/29/2017
Victory in Jesus Bechtel, Nolan 09/28/2017
Is anything too hard for God, What is your reality Bechtel, Nolan 09/27/2017
Our Congregation Prepares for an Ordination Martin, Tim 09/24/2017
The High Cost of Holding a Grudge Martin, Tim 09/17/2017
Remembrance of Jesus Witmer, Duane 09/10/2017
Lessons from Lake Peigneur Ebersole, Ernest 09/06/2017
Understanding Baptism Martin, Tim 09/03/2017
A Herald of Righteousness Eby, Edwin 08/27/2017
Recording 1 - Appalachia District Meetings - Aug 20, 2017 - Devotional Bauman, Marlin 08/20/2017
Recording 2 - Appalachia District Meetings - Aug 20, 2017 - Childrens Meeting Martin, Llewelyn 08/20/2017
Recording 3 - Appalachia District Meetings - Aug 20, 2017 - A Right Way for us and or Children King, David 08/20/2017