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He that hath ears, let him hear

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He that hath ears, let him hear Martin Tim 02/08/2015
Marriage, Divorce, and Alternative Lifestyles Ebersole Ernest 01/25/2015
The Life of Joseph - How did he relate to Authorities in his life Eby, Keith 01/18/2015
He must increase, but I must decrease Musselman III David 01/11/2015
Inspiration from Joshua and Caleb - Numbers 13 and 14 Eby Keith 01/04/2015
My Journey to Christ - Sunday Evening Taylor, Will 01/04/2015
Commissioning Service for 2015 ESL Team Zook, Larry and Sensenig, Lamar 12/31/2014
Living for Self or Living for God Hartman, Lyndon 12/28/2014
Mary Pondered These Things in Her Heart Martin Tim 12/21/2014
Showing to the Generation to come Ebersole Ernest 12/14/2014
What God Expects of a Christian in America Martin Wilmer 12/07/2014
The Christian Life is all about Submission Schlabach, Elijah 11/30/2014
Occupy until I Come Eby Keith 11/23/2014
Ordination Message Ebersole Steve 11/21/2014
Nomination Service Eby, Edwin 11/17/2014
What doth God require of thee Martin Tim 11/16/2014
Do Christians Judge? Eby Keith 11/09/2014
What is Man? Martin Tim 11/02/2014
Faith in God or Common Sense - Sunday Evening Martin, Arvin 11/02/2014
Qualification Message for the upcoming Deacon Ordination Ebersole Ernest 10/26/2014
Deacon Ordination Qualification Message Witmer Duane 10/19/2014
There is no god but God Martin Tim 10/12/2014
Laity Leadership Eby Keith 10/05/2014
September 28, 2014 - Bro Tim Martin - Sun Morn - People of Conviction Martin, Tim 09/28/2014
Hebrews 12 Martin, Tim 09/28/2014