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2014 Revivals - Eve 6 - Saturday night - The Life of Balaam

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2014 Revivals - Eve 6 - Saturday night - The Life of Balaam Ebersole, Ernest 09/27/2014
2014 Revivals - Eve 5 - Friday night - The rich man and the poor man. Eby, Keith 09/26/2014
2014 Revivals - Eve 4 - Thursday Night - Understanding the Will of God Witmer, Duane 09/25/2014
2014 Revivals - Eve 3 - Wednesday Night - Loyalty to the Fellowship Rosenberry, Marlin 09/24/2014
2014 Revivals - Eve 2 - Tuesday Night - Loyalty to Church Rosenberry, Marlin 09/23/2014
2014 Revivals - Eve 1 - Monday Night - Loyalty to God Rosenberry, Marlin 09/22/2014
Mark 6:31 - Come Ye Apart and Rest Martin, Tim 09/21/2014
Follow His Steps Witmer, Duane and others 09/14/2014
Satan - Comes as an Angel of Light Stelfox, Jim 09/08/2014
The Bile of Bitterness Martin, Tim 09/07/2014
Bangladesh Report Eby, Donald 08/31/2014
Stand ye fast for Satan comes as an Angel of Light or a Roaring Lion Eby, Keith 08/24/2014
Part 2: Children's Meeting and The Msg of the Morning: That They May Know Thee - John 17:3 Sim Yoder, Opening Devotional by Victor Ebersole 08/17/2014
Part 3: Sunday Evening Msg - That They May Be One - John 17-22 Sim Yoder, Opening Devotional by Clyde Zimmerman 08/17/2014
Part 1 - Eye Witnesses of His Majesty - II Peter 1:16 Sim Yoder, Opening Devotional by Roy Burkholder 08/16/2014
The Seven Warnings to the Seven Churches Martin, Tim 08/10/2014
The Law of Absolute Love Eby, Keith 08/03/2014
The Curse of the Cross Sensenig, Stanley 08/03/2014
Ephesians Ch 4 - Unity of Congregational Church Life Eby, Keith 07/20/2014
Christian Humility Martin, Tim 07/13/2014
A Church that Experiences ALL the Fullness of God Eby, Keith 07/06/2014
Evidence of Christian Growth Burkholder, Jesse 07/06/2014
Two Kingdom Realities Martin, Tim 06/29/2014
Will casualness cause a Casualty? Burkholder, Stephen 06/22/2014
Called to Stand in the Gap Eby, Keith 06/15/2014