The Stakes are High!

You hear this phrase around alot "The Stakes are High" especially right now during the elections. What do you think about when you hear that phrase? I think about risk, I think about the adrenaline that must flow through your blood when "the stakes are high". I think about what happens to me when I am preparing for something when " the stakes are high". e.g-  we have a seasonal landscape business and several months can determine whether you will have a successful year. So for several month prior I am preparing for that critical time and during those months I am very focused, "the stakes are high" I tell myself when I am bone tire and would love a break. 

Today the Republican and the Democratic parties are crying out "the stakes are high!" through every platform of communication there is. From the debates to their Twitter accounts these parties are begging for your vote.  As Christians in America- what is the right thing to do? "Which party would be best for our country?" many people are asking themselves. Well, I would like to suggest a whole different path than making a decision between two parties. Our Pastor, Keith Eby, preached a message this morning that gives me a foundation to stand on when I faced with this relevant issues. Also this article Will God Win? addresses the same topic. 

May God give you wisdom as you consider this important issue where really " the Stakes are High"

in God's service,
Bryant Martin