Why a Christian Should Not Vote

Eby, Keith
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Brother Keith in this message took us to the Word to lay the foundation and to show us the difference between the earthly kingdom and the Heavenly Kingdom which is fundamental to understanding why a Kingdom Christian shouldn't vote. 
Several questions that he will answer:
1. How did Jesus relate to the political scene of his time?  
2. Did Jesus try to influence the Roman government to further his Kingdom?
3. How do we relate to our civil government?  1 Timothy 2 :4 ,  Acts 5:29 
4. What does this mean to us and how do we "flesh this out" in our culture today?
Several core beliefs of a Kingdom Christian:
1. The 2 kingdoms can not go hand in hand- they run totally counter to each other.     John 18:36
2. Civil reform never brings a heart change, but through Jesus Christ there is a total heart transformation.
3. Our lifes work is full time ministry in the lives of those around us. 
4. Jesus is our perfect example and we strive to emulate Him and His life as closely as possible
Quote- No one can truly know Christ unless he follows Him in life, and no one can follow Him unless they know Him.    Anon
May the Holy Spirit minister to you as you listen to this message. To God be the glory! 
Sunday, October 21, 2012