Passion Week: Holy Saturday

It is Saturday morning. Jesus is dead and laid in the tomb, wrapped in linen cloths, his face marred more than any man’s visage has ever been marred (Isaiah 52:14).

The disciples are all in emotional shock, grieving and likely fearing for their lives. The scribes and Pharisees are rejoicing that their manipulation of the Divine has been successful. Yet they have forgotten that God cannot be manipulated. When men seek to manipulate the Divine, God and truth will always ultimately win. Though Jesus lies dead in the earth, the forces of righteousness are gathering their powers for the greatest victory in all of history.

We know that the women who prepared the spices and ointments are resting (Luke 23:56). It was on this day that the scribes and Pharisees started to get worried. The smugness was wearing off a little and they were face to face with the reality that God was greater than their evil deeds. And so they go to Pilate, again hoping to manipulate the Divine. They request that mere men will go out and guard a tomb in which lies the Maker of those very guards (Matt. 27:62-64). Pilate, a pawn in the hand of the scribes and Pharisees, but a major player in the plan of God, agrees and grants their request (Matt 27:65-66).

Listen carefully to what the scriptures tell us, “So they went and made the sepulcher sure, sealing the stone and setting a watch” (Luke 27:66). If we take the scriptures at face value, it was not Roman soldiers who set the seal upon the tomb. It was the scribes and Pharisees themselves who stamped the seal of the Sanhedrin upon that stone. The irony is palpable. These mortals desire to attempt to seal God in with mere wax. And then Roman soldiers guard that tomb. History would clearly tell us that Roman soldiers were nothing to mess with. Yet the world shall see within twenty-four hours that the soldiers of the greatest military upon the face of the earth at this time are no match for the Maker of the universe.

That is all we know about Saturday. It is all the scriptures tell us. But much more is happening. The wheels of mercy, grace, salvation are turning in a slow steady grind. Satan’s power is about to be shattered. The angels are likely still silent, but is it assuming to picture that their trumpets are being raised to their lips in readiness for the greatest celebration to ever exist in the courts of heaven? Is it sacrilegious to picture God with his head bowed, tears flowing down his face, yet sitting on the very edge of his golden throne? Sitting on the edge of his golden throne because He simply cannot wait. God can hardly wait until Jesus is out of the bowels of the earth. God can hardly wait until his Beloved Son is alive again! God can hardly wait until the power of the sin he so detests is fully revoked. God can hardly wait until the Resurrection Power is available for you and me! God can hardly wait until he can shout out the order telling the angel to go forth and roll back the stone upon the power of the Resurrection! Yes, God can hardly wait!

The guard is set, the tomb is sealed. Sadness is present, but Joy awaits! Hallelujahs are imminent, but not quite yet appropriate. Silence and Sorrow are still present, and still appropriate for us as mere mortals. Joy cometh in the morning!

Blessing to you as you Wait!

Author: Curvin Gordon