Current Events

Today, the believer is living in a world that is connected as never before. The World Wide Web, 
social media in the hands of the masses, and agenda driven news cycles have honed information flow to 
a fever pitch.
Regardless of what restraints you have placed in your life to distance yourself from this deluge 
of information, as you enter into society, the distress and tension is palpable. How is the child of the 
King to relate? Do we ignore what is going on around us and insist that ignorance is bliss? Do we find 
ourselves getting caught up in the details of world crises, the dire state of society, and the politics that 
surrounds it all?
Friends, the fact is, the kingdoms of this world are in trouble. The fact is, societies are not 
becoming better. The fact is, there is a ramping up of evil and debauchery spurred on by an intrinsic 
knowledge of coming judgement.
As we face this onslaught, we cannot allow ourselves to be caught up by the politics that 
surround this struggle. So called conservative agendas that promise to right wrongs and promote 
traditional values are still only political agendas of this world. We must lift our eyes up above the scrum 
of political worldly agendas to understand how little they matter to us. The Word of God has made it 
clear what conditions we can expect in these earthly kingdoms as we approach the end of time.
How are we to relate and process current events? We do so by lifting up our eyes to a greater 
paradigm of current events!
Current events—of the Spirit who has come. The Spirit of God is comforting, convicting, and 
teaching across the boundaries of all earthly kingdoms today. At this moment the Spirit who is above all 
spirits is moving invincibly and with full potential in the hearts of mankind.
Current events—of the Word of God that establishes Truth. The seeds of Truth are being sown 
into lives and bearing fruit. The most fertile soils seem to be among countries and religions most active 
in attacking so called modern Christian nations. Today, in countless hearts across the kingdoms of this 
world, the seeds of God’s Word are producing plants which are growing up and blossoming in hostile 
Current events—of the Blood that was shed. The shed blood of Jesus Christ our Savior is 
washing away sins and presenting souls blameless before the Father. The blood of Christ has not lost its 
effect or vivacity. This day, the good news of God’s Kingdom is filling the aching void in hearts left empty 
and hurting by religions of works, fear, and hopelessness.
Current events—of our Mediator. The One who has promised to intercede for those who come 
to Him is currently sitting on the right hand of the Father interceding on behalf of saints the world over. 
The queries received here have no comparison to anything in this world. This place, to which we are 
invited to come boldly, is dispensing grace and bringing healing and power to thirsty hearts.
Current events—in the heavens. Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” Today, much is 
accomplished in final preparations for those to whom Jesus said, “I will come again and receive you unto 
myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”
Fellow stranger and pilgrim, the gray fog of worldly events dissipates under the brightness of 
current Kingdom events! What do you see? “Lord, increase our faith.” 
            Hollidaysburg, Pa
            Timothy A Martin